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Related article: Date: Monday, March 19, 2001 11 03 00th 0000 ( GMT ) From: Ozy u003csoul_catcher2000 yahoo. co. UK u003e Subject: Being gay / Chapter 5/yf The phone rang again. " Brrring ! Brrring " raised my head slowly. Damn, where was everybody? Why was the response of someone with blood on my phone? I put in my temper and went to the phone, I came to pick it up and it Loli Bbs Board stopped ringing,oh damn,excellent! One minute afternoon I called my mother up the stairs. " Osman, telephone " " Who is it? " I yelled back. My mother did not answer, I shrugged, , and grabbed the phone and pressed the red button. " Hello ? " I waited a few seconds, and no one answered the number probably wrong or something, and then I heard his breath. I knew immediately who it was. " Leave me the fuck alone. " I just wanted to play, and then spoke. "Wait, please, Oz ?" My anger was gone, I loved listening to I call him, his voice was so beautiful, so delicate and child, but still sexy and erotic. I wanted to hear him speak, I wantssitting there all day listening to her angelic voice. An image it was formed in my head, deep blue eyes, sexy eyebrows and Loli Bbs Board Asia are like eyes, his wavy blond hair n and, of course, that beautiful smile. A picture of us together formed in my head, I had it. He was a little small front of me, stood about 5'7 and was about 6'0. I always felt I had to protect him. " What? " I asked. " Can we talk please? " I asked, sounding as sincere as he really had no explanation to justify its actions. Yes, ideally, what you said you did not justify says his father. " Leave me alone " I hung up and stood still for a few minutes da , hoping to calm the anger. He did, but was replaced by pain, I wanted to tell me he loved me, s that I wanted, I wanted to hear Loli Bbs Board all about him, and say he wanted no matter what he did, provided that was mine. But it does matter and did not want. I Grabbed on the remote control for my stereo from the table and pushed the volume key, went up the music loud enough for me to stop focus. The hard rock boomed from the speakers, that collapsed on the bed and let the music, forcing all other thoughts in my head. Loli Bbs Board The door opened to my room. " Osman ! For the love of God! " My mother came all the clothes planted and magazines and press the stop button. I spent on the bed. " What is it? " I asked lazily. My mother came down the blinds and had a couple of things on the ground. " This room is a tip I want to clean up this afternoon ! You that and what I told you not play music as strong ? Have you ever told Loli Bbs Board me anything " " no mom, not really," he smiled at her. She threw her arms in despair. " What do I do with you now? " I laughed. " I'll clean, I promise. I'll do now. " I jumped out of bed kissed on the cheek from my mother. He looked to me. "Sorry, I can hear everything you say,Really. I tends to forget things. "She laughed, before sighing again. N " I will see your father and your aunt. No will be back late, so you have Loli Bbs Board to drive to dinner his own, unless you want me to ask Sarah round? " " No, I'll be fine. You can go now " I smiled, and she smiled back. " Well, then. You still Loli Bbs Board have to clean this room right now, but I improves, so good, baby, now your bubye. " She turned and turned and in the room, bumping into the curse of a shoe in its output. for himself and looked at me. Smiled return, and she shook her head in disapproval before walking away I started to clean the room above. I grabbed all the clothes n in the ground and threw them into a corner, which swept all the books and stationery items my foot to the other corner at all.... makes a step back and admire my work, the room was really a tip, which had three different piles in the corners of the room n I laughed too, we could call each pile - clothes, boOKS, , and Miscellaneous. Maybe I should clean the room properly. I decided it would be a good idea would help take my mind of things, , and so set about the reorganization and improvement of my room. An hour and 30 minutes later I was completely out Loli Bbs Board of breath, I fell in my bed and admired the room which was very clean. I sit for five minutes bathing in the satisfaction that he s actually a lot of work done, he hated the job. I lay in bed relax, and then I heard a noise, looked at the gate y rose. The door to my room opened slowly. " Ryan," I whispered. And then came into the room. I jumped out of bed and they stared intensely. What did here? He was so handsome, wearing a bright and white, full -sleeved V -neck and the best fights of silver, looked so hot. I wanted to kiss him. It all started flooding back over again, that night when I had told her how beautiful it was looked then and how much I Loli Bbs Board wanted to kiss her. and then. He had told his father. Iagain present. " What we are. " Ryan stopped me grabbing me in a hug , reached out and pulled me toward him. He kissed me. I took a few seconds and then kissed him back. It felt so strange, so intense and powerful. And then I realized what I was doing, Loli Bbs Board he thought he could do everything right, so I pushed removed. He fell back two steps and then the balance. that stared at me, there were tears in his eyes. " Oz. " The two-letter word melted my heart. Ryan attacked again, louder this time, he grabbed me and kissed my lips. I hope that is growing strong and powerful, but was soft and sweet, I liked the taste. I was lost in the heat, my defenses collapsed and let him go. It felt so good just letting go to all the anxiety, stress and anger. and seemed to make sense, I loved him, I could feel the love of his s, which seemed to radiate from him too. Every nerve in my body seemed to be excited, and I could feel the familiar tinglingI have, if I have touched. Only this time it was magnified millions of times it felt so powerful. The walls around that collapsed and disintegrated into nothing, nothing there was only Ryan. Ryan complained in my mouth and my hands were around him, pulled him towards me, kissed deep. At last he stopped and returned to the air, eyes were locked in an intense look and saw Ryan 's Loli Bbs Board chest up and down, was so erotic. And then he turned and left the room. I stood still, stopped breathing, was n left. He appeared again. What the hell was going on? It s approached me and put his arms around my neck, I kiss care on the lips. He referred me to the bed. We sat on the edge of bed, I was still in shock. " Just making sure that nobody was going to be hanged. " said, Loli Bbs Board and I began to breathe easily again. He smiled. " Oz I've missed you. " I stared at him. " Why, why did you do that ? " I asked. His smile faded a little y he looked, I took the hand ofup and idle stroke. I could not take my eyes off his face, he was an angel. " I love you I'm sorry Oz. I was afraid. " " fear? " N " I know it's bad, but I can not help feeling that. " " What, what 's going on? Feel what? "I looked right, and I could see in his eyes, the warmth, passion. The love. " Oz I love you more than anyone in the world, I love you more than one friend, I love you more than a brother. But. " The s pause Loli Bbs Board for a second and then said : yet. " I'm not gay. Not really Oz. " "What? " I was speechless, I only had a few words in my left vocabulary. He loved me ? It was right ? Huh? " Please listen only Oz. Not know how to do this expression , but I have a story. " Umm. I. "Could this be any stranger ? " Ok. Umm... About 3 years ago when we were both about 14 we made an excursion to the Lake District. Only you and I remember ? " " Huh ? Umm. Yes, I remember, "I thought back to this trip. " It was the first time I had ever been awayfrom his home in own more than one day. That night we slept in the to open. It was so cold that his face was pale and lips began to crack. She was asleep within 5 minutes, I was there and saw his dream, he had done a lot times before. His curly hair was so perfect, I was a little wet y bright, and seemed so perfect on you. His eyes were so is also very nice, even with closed eyes I could imagine those bright brown balls like you used to me. However, the moment I saw you I knew I did something wrong, His breathing was short and sharp, which seemed to hurt. do you know what I felt at that moment? What I wanted to do this wrong? I wanted to go with you and take you in my arms. I wanted to hug and take care of you, to take the pain away and share. And you know what I wanted more than Loli Bbs Board else? I wanted to kiss you. You were mine, Loli Bbs Board and I could not contain myself. I kissed that day, and I knew that was in love withYou. "Ryan was one minute wiped his eyes s. I looked at him in silence, and then I took both hands and I n kissed her gently squeezed in the hot face and mouth. The room was suddenly cold again, and remembered the feeling of that day, I had not realized the cold that was just Ryan. Ryan and I felt I was shaking in my hands, I changed position in the bed could sit right on the side of it. he pulled her to me, , and he put his head on my chest and snuggled next to me. let my hand through his hair beautiful. We sat in a minute This perfect moment, the room gets very hot, did that - Ryan, I found my world smiled and turned and I looked to the right my smile kissed her, put his head s of... my chest again and let our heat combined. said. " hated me since. "He raised his head, and looked at me, my smile faded. He looked at me curiously. N " I could not help that he was sick, it was wrong of you,my back best friend. Closer than a brother to me, and I was always thrill of kissing to sleep when she does. " He paused over again, gently pressed into his hand, let go of my hand. " and the worst part was, I knew there would be hated me. She shrugged it has, it would not play a role for which you have, and so on. I hated myself. My father told me all about " phase", all kids go through it, he said, and he was right. I convinced me not attracted to you, and I was is not in love with you. Actually, I tried to convince me, is the work is attractive in some way, I thought only girls Loli Bbs Board and stuff. But I could not stop loving you. No matter how much I attempt, I have always loved. " " Umm. I. Look, Ryan, OK. I will not say feel what I want. What you feel is right. No one can dictate You have feelings for you. I can not tell you what to do or not do to. You have to live with these feelings, and do you think that is correct. " " I know, except maybe you can tell me wHat to do. See I like o more than anyone else, I can not think of a single person I'd rather be with him every minute of the day. Is it right for me, do that ? "Ryan got up and kissed me gently, moved back and looked into her eyes. Smiled. " No, fagot! " Ryan laughed aloud. " Ok, I understand " On this point, but we are best friends. I feel strange and imposed by guilt, I know it feels good. " " you're acting on emotion. All I feel, without limitation, is what we must act. it's that simple, " Ryan smiled. " You do everything so simple, sound, something that is not easy for you? " " Well, umm. My math homework is a bit heavy, but is now here, so. Nah. "He smiled again. " I 've missed. I tried to think things through before a conversation with you. But nothing seemed to make sense and I landed depressed and confused. Sorry Oz," looked up me with her ​​beautiful eyes. " Yes, and you should be! Do not think therea day I did not cry, " No I smiled at first. " You've always been a crybaby n " I hit him in the arm, and laughed. He became serious over. "sorry, I do not know what to do. I thought I would help Dad. Do you know ? Whenever you like, he said, the favorite nephew of his s, which is integrated in the family. Did knows ? It comes to your blood family. I don front of me, sometimes. But no matter, because I do before any person on this planet. "He smiled. " Yes, I think I'm much better. " I laughed and kissed him on the forehead. " Funny how this planet, he said. I have to know something. in love with an alien ? "He smiled. It was funny how I can be as angry one minute and joking as if nothing had happens next. Ryan felt this way. " Yes, you. You are my alien " He kissed me again, and put pronounced. " Damn, "a look at the clock. " Gotta Go Oz, my aunts come and want to see n read beforeVes. I could not hide my disappointment. "What, now? Should you? " " Oz Yes, I'm sorry, but umm. " He gave me a sweet kiss on the lips. " I do unto you. " I smiled at him. " Oh, okay then. Talk to you later ? " " Yeah, right. Stay Hey, how about you? My parents are gone with my aunt. We all night alone. and the house for us, " smiled at me angry, again punched him in the shoulder. He put on his jacket, weird. No I have to remind him of undressing. He seemed to read my thoughts. " Yes, initially I remember in the heat of the done now ?" He laughed again and looked at it. " Well, I better go. I will as soon as I call again. " They break up for a second and then approached me, I quick kiss on the cheek. " I'm sorry for everything, cya later Oz. " He turned to go. " You have to be more than sorry. " The turned around and smiled. He put his arms slowly around me and led me uhIM, kisses me deeply in lips. " better?" He smiled kindly at me. " Many," I replied, smiling again. He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and ran. " Goodbye ! " I suddenly felt alone again, the void. Needed him. I could not stop thinking about him. my feet started to hurt, I realized that I was in the position itself, where Ryan had kissed me at least 10 minutes. I looked in the mirror, I still had a smile glued to my face. I laughed to myself, I felt like a child. it felt good to be back in full, everything was "fine. " I shook his head in disbelief, review the day's events. all n had changed in minutes. Well, maybe not all, but Ryan had to go back. We were best friends again, , and that made ​​everything else seem insignificant. I yawn. o man, I felt tired. I lay on my bed thinking about Ryan and our Sleepover. That used to keep the little things for granted, I found, not surprised that was all " right". That was the way it should be. I lost the little things a lot, Loli Bbs Board but I knew that I take a granted again. Well, I felt really good. I slowly drift in a peaceful sleep and the dream began. Ryan was in my dream again, but this time it was down to the street. He was here with me. Up in the clouds. that kissed and began floating waltz, blocked by white silk Puffs, in the arms of another. From a distance I could hear plays the music, the hills were alive down there with Music. stranger. opened my eyes. music. Had stopped. I felt a hand slide on my face. I turned and looked me straight in the face of angels. He smiled. " Hello. " I smiled and took her hand in mine. " Hey," he leaned down and kissed me gently. I pulled him out to the me. He smiled and lay down beside me. She hugged me, put my head back and sighed. It was so great. " Come on, come get it. You see parents come home. " I do noturned to face him, got up slowly. "Come Up! " " I am very tired," Ryan was smiling at me. I stood up and yawned, I weak he could remember, dancing in the clouds. stranger. I laughed. " What's so funny? " Ryan came and sat on my lap leads the face to face. He put his arms around my neck. " Nothing. " I smiled sweetly. He kissed me and let me. "Let's go. " got up and ran down the stairs. I left the bed and entered the Loli Bbs Board locker room. I looked in the mirror , I still had a smile on my face. My black and curly hair seemed to thrive and separated into individual curls, my coffee eyes bright, I never felt Loli Bbs Board so alive ! For the first time in the what seemed like ages, I felt good, felt good about my appearance. I Ryan, my beautiful angel, and was all that mattered. I threw some water on my face and looked in the mirror again, the smile was still there. I Loli Bbs Board laughed strong, I felt like a child. An hour later we were both in the life of Ryan Room, we had to House ourselves. Ryan held her in my arms, put it back his head on my chest and I hugged her hair with my face, a sigh of pleasure. Her hair smelled like strawberries, it was so eroticism. Everything about this man was erotic ! We observed by me, one of my favorite movies. The best part of the film was, and I found the repetition of the words of the good guy with a gun. " Suck My Cock, the bell store cheap dime. " Ryan looked to me with an evil smile on his face. I blushed and he laughed, turned to the film. is When the movie ended, yawned and turned to lean kindly towards me. He began to stroke the long hair of inactivity. " Let's go to bed" He looked lovingly upon my head, kissed him, and smiled again. Slowly, he stood up and took my hand, lifted me up gently on my feet. He took me to his room, I suddenly became restless. Ryan turned in the top of the stairs n and pulled me toward him. He kissed me deeply tongue in the mouth. this was all new to us both, but seemed to to the right. I kissed her back and disappeared into his arms. The kiss ended Ryan and looked deeply into my eyes. " I love you I love u so much oz, " " I love you more ", I replied, pulling him into another kiss. that I pressed against the wall and passionately kissed him more. My tongue explored her mouth and moaned at me. His mouth was so warm, so exciting, so hot! Ryan pulled away. " Let's go into the bedroom, the most comfortable. " The s my hand again and led me to the room. closing the door behind us, took off his sweatshirt. I kissed him deeply, my hands went under her shirt and let s, began to caress her soft skin. " Mmmm. " He moaned again, almost as if drugged. We slowly in a series of measures that could have formed a Dance, went to bed. Ryan pulled me gently on the the bed with him. He started kissing me deeply and slowly rolled above me. My arms went around him, and patted me the back. He slowly began to grind on memind, erotic and passionate, do not stop, kissing. Our bodies rubbed against one another, so that friction, creating an attractive heat. I put his hands under his shirt and put it on the head of his s. Gently pushed him back, I and my shirt over her head. Ryan raised his hands to me and took me in her warm mouth. I'm starting to drag s more what more wet kisses and more. It seemed as , of course. I put my ear all the way he kissed, kissed me and bitten in the ear, sighed, and her sweet smile appeared on his s face that makes me mad. He had his arms up and down my neck and back and then firmly patted on the back. I could not think of something different from him, how much this man said, as I loved him so much and how high it is! Ryan took me out of my thoughts by sending me away from it as pushed me in my back of my neck snapping back to the pillow. "Easy Tiger". He smiled at me and started kissing my neck, kissed his way downmy body up to the rack my jeans. Gradually, unbuttoned and pulled the zipper down with the teeth. I could not stop laughing at him, Ryan stopped and blushed very well, smiled shyly before proceed. gently pulled my jeans and pulled them out and then grabbed my boxers. He hesitated and then stopped. "What is love ? " " uh... I do not know how I know that umm. Not that you can ". He looked uncomfortable to me. He smiled and came to down, looked up to me. I kissed him gently, and smiled. "OK. We have to, you know, not so important. I love you. " I kissed and relaxed. " I love you too. " He replied back to kiss me. I turned to the Ryan positioning of me and my arms around him. She trembled a little. I reached down and pulled the ranges of upon us, Ryan curled up next to me. " Sweet dreams baby, " I Kissed a hair and moved a little, murmuring n sweet. " I love you" relaxED, falling asleep in minutes. dream was so easy with the mantle Loli Bbs Board of love and all of its security and the warmth around me. I finally felt all over again.
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